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Yesterday was another post-op milestone; I got to ditch my leg brace!


Over the years I’ve had my fair share of braces, and none of them were particularly enjoyable. I was born with a hip problem in fact, which required a leg brace when I was young. The doctors said if I didn’t wear the brace my hips wouldn’t form properly and I’d never be able to walk normal, much less run! Thankfully my parents forced me to wear it, nicknaming me “froggy” for the frog-legged position it put me in. Years later, I had many other experiences with braces; twice on my teeth, several times on my wrist, and last year my pinky-finger incident.


Not so "frog-legged" anymore!

Not so “frog-legged” anymore!

Anyone who’s had braces knows how annoying they can be, but when worn properly, they can work miracles. Braces protect you, hold you back from moving in ways you shouldn’t, keep you on track, teach you patience, and help you grow stronger.


The other day I was sitting in a coffee shop waiting for my friend Katherine, and my mind wandered into thinking about how God often places “braces” on our lives. We’ve all experienced situations where things didn’t go as planned, when it seemed like doors were closing in our face instead of opening. We’ve all experienced difficulties, and more often than not we’re quick to blame God or refuse to accept his existence because life seems “out to get us.” But imagine this, maybe those moments of difficulty are really just God placing a “brace” on our life. Maybe in these moments God is holding us back for a very good reason,“To keep you from moving in ways you shouldn’t, keep you on track, teach you patience, and help you grow stronger.”


Any loving father would place a “brace” on their child if they knew it would help them grow into a better person, even knowing it might cause a temporary setback. I’m thankful my Dad (and Mom!) listened to the doctor’s advice when I was a baby, or I’d probably never grow up to be a runner. And I’m thankful for the braces my Heavenly Father places on my life, as annoying as they may be, “when worn properly, they can work miracles.”


Finally, if it weren’t for Forrest Gump’s leg braces we wouldn’t have this great scene!


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