BizBuzz: Quentin’s Kidney Transplant, Jasmin’s High & Low, and Run Gum’s Latest Endeavor

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 Quentin Butler received his kidney transplant! On March 2, he “got a second chance at life,” when a longtime friend donated a kidney in a successful operation. Quentin, a former All-American sprinter with University of Texas at Arlington, found out about his kidney failure following his being selected to tryout for the US Skeleton team on NBC’s The Next Olympic Hopeful. He is now the his path to recovery. For more on his journey, read a post penned by Quentin, The Road Ahead: My Kidney Transplant from December

 Dathan Ritzenhein answered some questions for Robert Johnson at LetsRun on his upcoming NYC Half and Boston Marathon. On his new training environment, Ritz said, “This will be my first marathon with the Hansons program. I’ve known these guys for a long, long time, going back to my high school days in Michigan. And they’ve kind of been known always for the marathon — they were really one of the first successful post-collegiate groups to kind of come back out of the doldrums of American running in the ’90s. They gave me an opportunity which I didn’t know if I’d have left at this point in my career.” Read the full article A Reinvigorated Dathan Ritzenhein Talks NYC Half, Hansons-Brooks, L-Carnitine, And His Upcoming Return To The Marathon on LetsRun

 Run Gum is seeking funding on Kickstarter to develop a new product, Run Gum Extra Strength. From the campaign as to why they are seeking outside support to launch this endeavor, “First of all, we’re still 100% founder owned. Everything that comes out of here is funded out of our own pockets. Launching an extra strength line created its own challenges and required a large investment in product development, ingredients, and packaging costs, as well as forecasting the demand for a product before it has ever sold. As a small company with just seven employees and without outside investment, it can be difficult to fund new products like this that involve a large amount of capital up front.” Support Run Gum’s campaign Run Gum— Extra Strength Caffeine Gum to Run The Day on Kickstarter

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 Jeremy Taiwo connected with the Bellevue Reporter to discuss his recent USA Indoor Championship, future on the track, and favorite spots around town. Jeremy says, “I think that as long as it is something that I’m learning from and I’m mentally growing, physical growing, seeing what I’m capable of. I just want to go as far as I can. I’m aiming to push the collective consciousness of what is capable in human beings. That is why I’m in this sport and is why I’m in the decathlon.” Read the full interview Taiwo earns first place in Heptathlon at USA Indoor Track and Field Championships

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 Jasmin Stowers shares the hills and valleys of her career and life off the track. “For me, [the 2015 Drake Relays] performance was a real game changer. I’d beaten some of the world’s best hurdlers and people really started to know who I was. I was talked of as a future world record-holder and invited to Diamond League meets.” Read the full feature High and Low – Jasmin Stowers on IAAF

 Greg Ahlswede discusses his passion for Orienteering and how he fell in love with the growing sport. “As soon as the map makes contact with his hand, Ahlswede takes off into the remote forest, alone, at a dead sprint. He likes to compare speed orienteering to the art of getting lost. ‘You are always, at some level, lost,’ he says. When you think you’ve messed up, you just ‘[s]top running. Look around you. Look behind you. Get back in contact with the map and relate your surroundings to what the map is telling you…then you get running again.’” Read the full article Orienteering: The Hiker’s Sport on Backpacker

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