BizBuzz: Outdoor Broadcast Schedule, Ahlswede is Orienteer of the Year, and YourNextSuccess $$ Tips

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 USATF announced their broadcast schedule for the 2018 Outdoor season. “NBC will air the Nike Prefontaine Classic, USATF Outdoor Championships, Adidas Boost Boston Games and New Balance 5th Avenue Mile. Penn Relays, USA vs the World at Penn Relays, Drake Relays presented by Hy-Vee, AJC Peachtree Road Race (featuring the USATF 10K Championships, and portions of the Adidas Boost Boston Games and the USATF Outdoor Championships will air on NBCSN.” For the full schedule of dates and time, go to USATF unveils 2018 Outdoor Championship Series broadcast schedule on NBC, NBCSN on USATF

 Greg Ahlswede named Orienteer of the Year for the second consecutive year. Greg has been a consistent player in US orienteering, having made his mark in the sport as early as 2009, when he earned the opportunity to compete for the World Junior Orienteering Championships. On this recent achievement, Greg said in a post on Facebook, “Very thankful to the US orienteering community for having voted for me as the Orienteer of the Year for the second year in a row. It’s great to remember these past accomplishments, but as a friend of mine likes to say, ‘your most important race is always the next one.’ So it’s onward to this season’s races. I look forward to seeing you there!”


 Sandi Morris shares about her World Championships gold and a sneak peak at her summer schedule. “Winning gold finally was so rewarding because it was so difficult to achieve. It was the toughest competition of my life. There wasn’t a single moment when I could let my guard down.” Her reward for taking the top spot on the podium? A “big old cheeseburger and milkshake,” and the cover of the latest issue of Track and Field News. As for her Outdoor schedule, Sandi will start the season at the Drake Relays before Diamond League action, with a stop in her hometown of Greenville, SC for the Liberty Bridget Jump-Off in late July. Read the full article Greenville pole vaulter Sandi Morris landed gold and ‘big old cheeseburger’ on Greenville News

 Katie Mackey shared about the importance of her team, the Brooks Beasts, along her ride to the World Indoor Championships. “When you’re training for hours together every day without phones or any distractions, and living together for weeks at altitude camps, you get to know each other on a deep level and can really come alongside each other in a unique way that I love. It’s like a family.” Read the full feature Catching Up with Katie: Q&A with Brooks Beast Katie Mackey on AthleteBiz


 Words on Wealth shared tips on how to turn the money you earn today into your ‘tomorrow’ money, in a post geared exclusively for pro track and field athletes. Read Building Financial Freedom Like a Boss: How the Self-Employed Athlete Can Build Wealth

 Team USA Minnesota announced that Katy Moen and Tyler Jermann will be running the Cherry Blossom Ten Mile on April 8. Read their release here.

 Rachel Weber featured in an article on The Lantern, “The student voice of Ohio State University”. Read Past Ohio State, Rachel Weber still running toward dream of Olympic competition

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