BizBuzz: Oregon 2020, Sir Walter Miler, and Esther the Reuniter

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 The 2020 Olympic Trials will return to Eugene and newly renovated Hayward Field. “This will mark the seventh time that Eugene has hosted the Olympic trials and the fourth consecutive staging. USATF did not come upon the decision to award the trials to Eugene with ease. The trials were first given to Mt. San Antonio College in Walnut, Calif., in June 2017, but the governing body decided to pull out and re-open the bidding process due to continuing litigation regarding the construction of Hilmer Lodge Stadium. Austin, Eugene and Sacramento were the three cities being considered as Plan B.” The will be the first major meet held at the University of Oregon’s track following the current redesign. Read more at New Hayward Field Selected to Host 2020 U.S. Olympic Track and Field Trials on Sports Illustrated

 The Sir Walter Miler celebrated its fifth running. The event saw Charlene Lipsey and Sara Vaughn set big PRs (each their first time sub-4:30, among the five women to do so on the night) en route to their 1-2 finish, and on the men’s side, the entire 13-man field went sub-4. Joanna Thompson of ZAP Fitness penned a history of the event, noting why it has become one of the top stops on the calendar for elite miling and fans of track. “What began as a grassroots time trial has quickly transformed into one of the most lauded track miles in the country…But the event’s real charm rests in the way it manages to remain focused on community while still drawing such outstanding talent.” Read the full feature Sir Walter and the Quest for Sub-Four, The Story Behind the Sir Walter Miler on RunBlogRun

 Esther Atkins reunited a family with their dog one year after they thought they had lost it forever. “Atkins said a brown and white pit bull followed them home, and even though [Esther’s dog] Grace was not friendly to him, the pit bull kept being sweet and wagging his tail. Atkins took the pit bull in and posted pictures and information online. Then she took him to a vet, where they learned he was microchipped. The Humane Society of Greenwood help identify the owner, who had reported him missing a year ago.” Read the full, heart-warming article Dog, believed killed by neighbor, turns up in Greenville year later, 68 miles from home on WYFF4

 Parker Stinson featured in a new series, ENDURE, from Trackster. The mini-series will follow Parker and his training to the Chicago Marathon, scheduled to take place October 7. Watch the first episode below, which chronicles his formative years of running, with clips from Jared Ward and Christo Landry

Fitness Corner

 Dr. Emily Kraus shared a look into a common and frustrating ailment for runners: Sacroiliac Joint (SI Joint) pain. “During running, the pelvis absorbs the shock and load from the legs and transmits this load into the sacrum and up the spine. If the muscles of the hip, spine, and pelvis aren’t providing enough stability (i.e., muscles are weak or firing at the wrong time) or when the ligaments are lax due to hormonal changes (i.e., during pregnancy) the SIJ may go into a hypermobile state.” Read the full article Sacroiliac (SI) Joint Pain and Dysfunction in Runners on AthleteBiz


 Rachel Schneider shared the secret to her huge 2018 season as a guest speaker at Stephanie and Ben Bruce’s fourth annual Bruce Camp

 Sara Vaughn not only had an awesome race at the Sir Walter Miler last week, but she also had an awesome super-friend moment with Neely Gracey just a few days before

 The Book Club Track Club released their episode on Man’s Search for Meaning. In the sixth episode of their series, “[Kyle and Alexi] try to keep the conversation light despite heavy topics and find a way to relate the teachings of logotherapy to running.” Listen to the podcast below, and make sure to get a head start on their August reading selection, Jack Kerouac’s The Dharma Bums

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