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News & Notes

 Run Gum has opened their applications to be a Run Gum Ambassador for 2018! “A Run Gum Ambassador is about more than just advertising a product. Its the responsibility of representing the brand as a whole; it’s values, products, and most importantly its people.” Applications close in a few short days. Click here to read more about the opportunity and to submit your application for the 2018 RunSquad on Run Gum

 Brandon Hudgins shares how he was inspired by  Alan Webb and what running means to him. “It’s the punk rock or rock-and-roll outlet for me. Go against the grain, not having a steady job, live that kind of fringe lifestyle. I’ve always loved that.” Read the full feature, Brandon Hudgins Goes the Distance on Bring Back the Mile

 Chad Noelle wins the 20th Annual Turkey Trot 5K race at North Colorado Medical Center in Greeley, Colorado, a race for a great cause. “Between 50 and 100 cardiovascular patients — people who had heart surgery or heart attacks — who otherwise wouldn’t have been able to afford their rehab now can. The proceeds from the Turkey Trot, which race officials said will be between $30,000 and $50,000, will cover those patients’ copays.” Read the full article Nearly 3,000 runners help provide cardiac rehab for close to 100 patients at Turkey Trot from the Greeley Tribune

Photo: Joshua Polson | The Greeley Tribune

Despite being the 2017 story of the year in track and field,  Sara Vaughn runs without sponsorship. “Vaughn, at 31, is 10 years out of college, and her busy life with her family and job makes it impossible for her to train with a team; instead she fits in workouts whenever she can. Her story shows how hard it can be for even top runners to make a living.” Read the full article, She Was the Feel-Good Story of the Summer, But a Sponsorship Deal Eludes Her on Runner’s World

 Heather Kampf,  Joseph Gray,  Lauren Paquette,  Erik Sowinski, and  Esther Cole Atkins share their best Turkey Trot Tips. “Don’t get too caught up in running a specific time. It’s a Holiday Fun run after all, enjoy the moment and chow down afterwards! Run hard enough to say you’ve earned the calories you will indulge in later on.” – Read the full feature, Turkey Trot Tips from the Pros on AthleteBiz

 Will Claye launches his Fall Up collection from Elevate. “The influence of Olympic sports guided Will Claye to use athleticwear silhouettes while adding a touch of luxury to the pieces with the designs and prints” Check out and shop the collection on Elevate


 Alysia Montaño welcomed the newest addition to their family on November 24.

The Montaño family happily welcomes our fourth member to the relay team, our baby boy, Aster Cruz Montaño. @Aster.Cruz was born on Friday morning November 24, 2017 at 7:25am weighing in at 8lbs 6oz and measuring at 19.5inches long. His big sister @linneadori is over the moon as she genuinely wanted a baby brother since the day we found out we were pregnant and never let up, not for a second, she was adamant we were having a baby boy. A birth story: At 4am I began having trouble sleeping, at this time I woke up to eat some left over beef stew knowing that this could be the start of labor and that I should consume some energy and hydrate, I did just that. I also felt that we should try and go back to sleep and rest in case the big show was on its way. Turns out I was more than just pregnant uncomfy, I was in labor. In that same hour @louismontano starting timing contractions a short time passed before I felt this rather uncomfortable panging become more frequent, I asked my husband, Louis to warm up some more beef stew, and put on some tea as I got in the shower to freshen up and ease contractions (although this is not advised for women in labor with their second child as it relaxes the body and speeds up labor), I took the risk for the sake of feeling great , but made it quick, I got ready to leave for the hospital in between contractions, at 5am I told Lou we should probably notify our midwives and my mom who was asleep at our house(just my mom was sleeping at our house, not the midwives), but we should wait until 6am to give them some more sleep. In the mean time I folded some laundry and put in a load of laundry in between contractions. At 5:55, I couldn’t wait any longer and had my husband get my birthing ball and my mom as well as notifying our midwife Ellie. Apparently he had messaged her a little sooner but told her at this time we were about to head in (smart man). My mom came in, I labored off the bed and on a chair before we had everything set to get out of the door. I grabbed my tea, my beef stew, birth ball and headed out the door.

A post shared by Alysia Montaño (@alysiamontano) on


 Paul Swangard (RunnerSpace) speaking the truth. “When you have great athletes who are also great people…your sport has a chance. Congrats to  @emmajcoburn and  @samkendricks” for being awarded the 2017 USATF Jackie Joyner Kersee and Jesse Owens Awards, respectively, from Paul on Twitter

 Jared Ward rocks the Saucony’s on every surface. Even the classroom.

 Alexi Pappas tweets, “who doesn’t dream of having @AmericanAir calling your movie great ??????” after the following exchange:

Turkey Trotting

 Cole Atkins went ALL OUT for the first time since 2015 and brought home a 3rd place finish in Charleston, SC. “While the competitive side of me walks away slightly disappointed, the realistic side of me is very thankful that I was able to be back racing in my hometown with my family on my favorite holiday”

 Heather Kampf (1st),  Rob Molke (5th), and  Danny Docherty (7th) of Team USA Minnesota trotted the Life Time Fitness Turkey Day 5k in Minneapolis. Finish line smiles via Team USA Minnesota on Instagram

 Ryan Rutherford put down a 13:26 3-miler for the victory at the 39th annual Turkey Trot at Miller Park in Bloomington. From Turkey Trot on The Pantagraph

 Leo Manzano on why the Turkey Trot is so important:

Celebrate the Good Times

 Jeff Porter celebrates his birthday on November 27. Tweet him a birthday message, @jeffporter1

 Kimber Mattox also celebrates her birthday on November 27. Tweet her a birthday message, @kimber_mattox

 Blessing Ufodiama‘s birthday is on November 28. Wish her well on Instagram, @blessufo

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