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 Camille Herron brought home the hardware at the Tunnel Hill 100 in Illinois in a World Record time of 12:42:39, besting the previous record by 57 minutes.

 Ryan Rutherford and  Meghan Peyton of Team USA Minnesota named October 2017 Athletes of the Month by USATF Minnesota off their performances at the Medtronic TC 10 Mile. Read the full article outlining their honor here.

 Caroline Boller shares how she balances life as an attorney with being one of the USA’s top trail and ultra runners. I’m very lucky to be able to work from home 90% of the time. I go in for meetings, but in general, do everything I need to do from my kitchen counter. This has amazing advantages over an ordinary 9-5 desk job. I get to take the kids to school. I go running at lunchtime. I sit in my sweaty running clothes all day. It also helps that my husband does the shopping and cooking. We have a nice balance going.” – read the interview at “Ultra-Runner, Attorney, and Oenophile Caroline Boller” from RunnerPack

 Michelle Carter encourages women and girls to embrace their body type through ‘You Throw Girl!’ camps. “Her goal is to get girls and women to love themselves and understand all bodies aren’t the same.” – read more at “Carter embraces her ‘shot diva’ role” on Amsterdam News


In Case You Missed It…

 Kendra Chambers has moved to Philadelphia, PA to join new coach Derek Thompson and middle distance studs Ajee’ Wilson and Charlene Lipsey. Additionally, Kendra recently joined the flock at Oiselle Team, along with Triple Jumper  Tori Franklin. Click here to check out Kendra’s favorite Oiselle gear.

 Casimir Loxsom has joined the Penn State coaching staff as a Volunteer Assistant Coach, via Casimir’s LinkedIn page

 Jordin Andrade has moved from the PNW to Raleigh, North Carolina to join a new training group. “I received the opportunity to train with some of the best hurdlers in the world and I’m taking it! I’m with George Williams, the coach that trained Bershawn Jackson, Johnny Dutch, Jeffery Gibson, Roxroy Cato and other big time world championship athletes,” from Jordin on Facebook

 Gwen Jorgensen has decided to focus on the marathon for the 2020 Olympics rather than Triathlon. “Jorgensen was the first American woman in history to win an Olympic gold medal in the triathlon with her victory in Rio. If she were to accomplish her goal of gold in the marathon, she would be the first male or female athlete of any nationality to win the Olympics in the two disciplines.” – read the full article at “Triathlon Olympic Champion Gwen Jorgensen Switches To The Marathon For 2020” on FloTrack

 Duane Soloman is back! “Feeling more rejuvenated and healed I’m ready to start one last Olympic cycle.” – from Duane (@duanebang) on Instagram


In Case You’ve Been Living Under a Rock…

 Meb Keflezighi completed his final competitive marathon at the TCS New York Marathon, finishing 11th in a time of 2:15:29. “Once he crossed, he immediately fell to the ground, with his face on the concrete and his legs straight out behind him.” – read more at “In Meb’s Final Marathon, Exhaustion and Emotion” on Runner’s World


We should all still be buzzing from  Shalane Flanagan‘s historic victory at the TCS NYC Marathon, but  Rachel Weber put it best:

Celebrate the Good Times

 Johnny Gregorek got engaged! “Fell in love in 10th grade chemistry class. Never looked back” – from Johnny on Instagram

 Mary Saxer celebrated her 4th wedding anniversary. “4 years since ‘I DO’, 6 years since ‘YES’, 12 years since ‘HELLO'” – from Mary on Twitter

 Molly Seidel‘s ceremonious first drug test after a stellar pro debut. “Of all the photos from #us5kchamps this might be my favorite; a super cheesy ID pic from the USADA drug testing tent.” – from Molly on Instagram

 Riley Dolezal‘s birthday is on Thursday, November 16.send him good vibes and healing birthday wishes on Twitter, @Riley_Cordell

Just For Fun

 Kyle Merber and  Sara Vaughn discuss the merits of wearing regular clothes


 Jenny Simpson‘s fortune cookie dropping some truth…that we all already knew


Shameless Self Promotion

 Last week, AthleteBiz launched a first-class career consulting service exclusively for pro Track & Field athletes, YourNextSuccess. Check it out here!

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