BizBuzz: Nick Symmonds Shares His Lessons, Doping (ugh), & Your iPhone is Officially Slower than You

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In the latest doping controversy to grip our sport (as if we haven’t had enough already), coach Dennis Mitchell and agent Robert Wagner have been implicated in an undercover investigation by The Telegraph. Athletes associated with Mitchell and Wagner have been distancing themselves since the news broke, most notably  Justin Gatlin, who posted the following to his Facebook:

I am not using and have not used PED’s. I was shocked and surprised to learn that my coach would have anything to do with even the appearance of these current accusations. I fired him as soon as I found out about this. All legal options are on the table as I will not allow others to lie about me like this. I have no further comments as it is now a legal matter. They will next hear from my lawyer.

From an article on FloTrack, “The journalists secretly recorded conversations with Mitchell and sports agent Robert Wagner, both of whom reportedly recommended using performance-enhancing drugs to train the fictional actor, offered to obtain said drugs for the actor, described a widespread culture of PED use in track and field, and detailed how to avoid detection.” Read their coverage, Justin Gatlin Fires Coach Dennis Mitchell Amidst Doping Controversy

 Nick Symmonds is the newest member of the ‘barely over 3 hour marathon’ club following his debut at the Honolulu Marathon. More importantly for those of us who strive to be even remotely close to that club, he gives us a look into what mattered going through the distance in his post, 5 Things I Learned Running My First Marathon on Run Gum. We cannot wait to see his next go at 26.2, which he states, “I know I can break three and pretty soon I will choose a spring marathon to have another crack at it.”

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Photo: Run Gum

If your iPhone 6 is having a hard time keeping up with you on workouts lately, you are not going crazy, but perhaps your device is. Apple recently confirmed that they have released updates to older phones which slow them down (known as ‘throttling’) at peak performance, ensuring it will not shut down unexpectedly due to the added load on the aged battery. A software professional and long-time Apple user broke it down for us, stating, “It is something added in an earlier iOS to prevent power spikes causing the phone to crash. Batteries in general suck, so this not a huge forced upgrade conspiracy as some would have you believe. That being said, Apple definitely should have communicated this earlier when and why they did this.”


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 Adam Nelson going Super Saiyan

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