BizBuzz: ElliptiGO & NAZ Elite’s Powers Combine, Sandi’s Many Talents, & Camille’s Secret Stuff

Sandi Photo: Reuters | Camille Photo: Howie Stern

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News & Notes

 Manteo Mitchell may be racing this weekend (see below), but he always finds time to give back. On Tuesday morning, he shared his journey and a dose of inspiration with students at the Big Walnut Intermediate School in Ohio via Zoom. At the USATF Annual Meeting in December, Manteo shared that he has integrated these virtual experience into his speaking engagement schedule, giving him the opportunity to say ‘yes’ more often when it comes to making an impact on the lives of future superstars.

 ElliptiGO is increasing support for HOKA Northern Arizona Elite with a team product sponsorship. “The team will incorporate ElliptiGO-integrated training to supplement their running without added impact.” Ben Rosario said, “We’ve had our ElliptiGO for a few weeks and have already put a good number of miles on it. It’s been an awesome tool for athletes we want to transition into higher mileage.” Read the full release, ElliptiGO Increases Support of Hoka NAZ Elite on SGB Media

 Sandi Morris is an awesome pole vaulter, this you know. What you may not know is that she is also an accomplished musician. “Before delivering the year’s top pole vault, 4.90 meters, at the recent Pole Vault Summit in Reno, Nevada, Morris took center stage for the national anthem…Her friends said she was amazing, but Morris would not go that far. ‘I love to sing and I am pretty good at it but I am definitely not Carrie Underwood,’ the Olympian told Reuters.” Read the full feature, Pole vaulting isn’t Morris’ only talent on Reuters

Related: See Sandi’s musical talent in action with this song she wrote, Travelin’ Girl


The Proof is in the … Sweet Tea?

 Camille Herron shared the secret formula for crushing the 12 hour track world record at Desert Solstice. This week on Facebook, she posted, “About 10-11 hrs into Desert Solstice I started getting an intense craving for cold sweet tea. I don’t remember the last time I drank sweet tea, but we grew up on pot fulls of Mom’s home brewed sweet tea. Within 2 laps they got me some tea! ? I started having mental flashbacks to hot summers practicing bball and running inside for Mom’s sweet tea. I was able to continue on to break the 12 hr WR that had stood since 1991. I specifically remember the summer of ‘91 playing a lot of softball and bball and drinking Mom’s sweet tea. So yeah… sweet tea FTW! ❤️”

Also, apparently running for a really really long time gives you time to reflect back on cherished childhood memories. Sign me up!

This Weekend’s Action

While we would love to give you information on where everyone is competing, here is a quick rundown on where you can find some of the elite action this weekend. We’ll do our best to keep this updated, but please feel free to help us fill-in what we missed by commenting below!

ETSU Buccaneer Invitational | February 2 & 3
Men’s 200m & 400m
Manteo Mitchell – finished first and second in his pre-lim heats for the 200m and 400m, respectively, on Friday afternoon, which qualified him to run the finals for each event on Saturday

Indoor Meeting Karlsruhe | Saturday, February 3
Women’s 60m Hurdles
Christina Manning Jasmin Stowers
Men’s 800m
Erik Sowinski

Millrose Games | Saturday, February 3 (all times EST)
Click here for live results
Women’s Racewalk | Noon
Maria Michta-Coffey
Men’s Racewalk | 1:18pm
Michael Mannozzi
Men’s Invitational Mile | 2:47pm
Brandon Hudgins Chad Noelle
Women’s Pole Vault | 3:58pm
Sandi Morris
Women’s 60m Hurdles | 4:02pm
Kori Carter Queen Harrison
Women’s 60m | 4:08pm
Tori Bowie
Women’s 3000m | 4:28pm
Katie Mackey Lauren Paquette
Heather Wilson
Men’s 800m | 4:41pm
Cas Loxsom
Men’s 3000m | 4:52pm
Garrett Heath Ryan Hill
Wannamaker Women’s Mile | 5:27pm
Lauren Johnson Brenda Martinez
Sara Vaughn
Women’s 4x800m | 5:35pm
Cecilia Barowski Kendra Chambers
Charlene Lipsey
Wannamker Men’s Mile | 5:50pm
Will Leer Riley Masters
Kyle Merber

Camel City Elite | Saturday, February 3
Women’s Mile
Lianne Farber Rachel Schneider
Men’s 3000m
Donnie Cowart

USATF Cross Country Championships | Saturday, February 3
Men’s 10k
Reed Fischer Joseph Gray
Matt Llano Biya Simbassa

 Erik Sowinski will be running an 800m in Germany at the Indoor Meeting Karlsruhe on Saturday, February 3

Reasons to Celebrate

 Reid Buchanan‘s birthday is on February 3. Send him some well wishes @reidbuchanan22

 Willie Milam‘s birthday is also on February 3. Give him a virtual birthday hug @dubmilam

 Hannah Fields‘s birthday is on February 4. Let her know how you plan to Run Happy @runhannahfields

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