BizBuzz: Stinson’s Dreamwork Delivered, Gray’s Continued Dominance, and Hudgins’s Heat-beating Tips

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 Big congratulations to all AB athletes who earned a spot on the podium at the USA Championships this past weekend in Des Moines!

 Des Linden and Hansons-Brooks have parted ways. In what can only be seen as an amicable split, Des first posted on Twitter, “After doing some soul searching, I’ve made the decision to part ways with the Hansons team. I’m appreciative of Keith and Kevin’s guidance as well as the support of my former teammates. My journey forward is not yet charted, but every step is part of the process.” Less than an hour later, Hansons followed with, “Hansons-Brooks Distance Project was established 19yrs ago to help DEVELOP distance runners. Still our goal. We are proud of our 13yr journey with Des. As a 2 time Olympian, Boston Champ and one of the best Americans ever, Des doesn’t need development. She has more than arrived.”

 Kori Carter caught up with Ato Bolden for an episode of IAAF’s Inside Athletics. They discuss her development from a standout youth and collegiate career at Stanford to her eventual World Championships gold in 2017. This year, Kori has focused her efforts in the 100mH rather than the 400mH, on which she states, “In high school and college, I always was a dual hurdler, and I never gave myself a chance to just purely be a hundred hurdler. And I also think I just need the speed work so when I come back to the 400 hurdles I’ll be a lot faster and be a bigger threat. I am just trying to add more weapons to my arsenal.” They also chat about her coaching transition to working with Edrick Floréal, a move to Kentucky from California, and much more. Watch the full interview, IAAF Inside Athletics – Kori Carter on IAAF

 Joseph Gray earns individual bronze, leading US Men’s World Mountain Running team to silver. Following the race, Joseph said, “My plan ahead of the race was to get in a good position to medal. I was happy to get a strong finish for the team and rally after a disappointing ankle roll at 5 miles. After that I ran close to Andy [Whacker] for a while until passing him near the summit the second time up. The toughest portion of the course was definitely near the summit on the last lap, as it was little cold and windy on the steepest pitch. The best part of my race was being able to keep a consistent pace throughout and run a faster second descent than my first lap descent.” Read the full race recap, including photos, videos, and more runner quotes, U.S. Men’s Team Takes Silver; Joseph Gray Wins Bronze at the 15th Long Distance Mountain Running Championships on ATRA


 Parker Stinson presented a big check to the Boulder Mountain Warriors Running Club

 Jim Walmsley set the Western States 100 course record. Finishing the notoriously challenging 100-mile race in 14 hours, 30 minutes, 4 seconds, he bested the previous mark by over 16 minutes, and the second place finisher by 84 minutes. Courtney Dauwalter finished in the second fastest time ever recorded by a woman, winning the women’s race in 17 hours, 27 minutes. For a full breakdown, read Hot Weather, Fast Times!: 2018 Western States 100 Results on iRunFar

 Sandi Morris won USA gold on Sunday, then went straight to Vegas to support the USATF Foundation at the GNC Convention

 Deena Kastor connected with Jeff Benjamin for 9 quick questions. For answers to her most memorable race to advice for young runners, read the full interview on RunBlogRun

 The Tinman Elite crew, including Drew Hunter, Sam Parsons, Reed Fischer, and Tyler Mueller, sat down for a podcast with Citius Mag in Des Moines. Listen here

 Brandon Hudgins‘s latest Going the Distance Live shared his upcoming race schedule, how to stay focused on those especially challenging workout sessions, and tips for surviving the hot, sticky days of summer

Happy Birthday!

 Andrea Geubelle‘s birthday is June 26. Send her your very best @a_geubelle

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 Ryan Rutherford‘s birthday is July 2. Ask him his favorite flavor of ICEE @Ruthy_Runs

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