BizBuzz: A Bounty of Indoor Records, Sean Don’s Knowledge Bombs, and a Speedy Proposal

Photos: @_coleman2/Instagram; @riley_masters/Instagram; Sean Donnelly/YouTube

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News & Notes

The indoor season is ??? and it is still January

 Christian Coleman broke a nearly 20 year old record by running 6.37 for 60m on Friday. Maurice Green previously held the mark at 6.39 seconds, set in 1998.

 Keturah Orji continues to dominate the triple jump, besting the previous USA indoor record, which she also owns, moving the mark to 14.53m on Saturday

 Katelyn Tuohy is no longer (just) an amazing high school sophomore. She’s a legitimate elite in our sport, running 15:37.12 on Saturday. From FloTrack on Twitter, “Katelyn Tuohy SHATTERS Brie Oakley’s 5K national record”

 Gwen Berry quietly had the 8th farthest weight throw in history at the Vanderbilt Invitational. With a winning throw of 24.85m, she now holds 6 of the top 11 throws…ever.

More notable results from the oval office this weekend

When legends talk, we listen

 Deena Kastor shares tips on how to get the most from your New Year’s Resolutions. “Goals are crucial in that they provide direction and motivation, but it’s our attitude that ultimately shapes our year and determines if we meet our goals.” Read the 5 mental practices she uses for a positive, productive attitude, Meet the New Year with a New Attitude on Motiv Running

 Meb Keflezighi connected with Chris Chavez at Citius Mag to, “look back at some of the highlights of [Meb’s] career and catch up on how life has been since he retired after the 2017 New York City Marathon – the 26th of his career and at 42 years old.” Listen to the full podcast, Meb Keflezighi on life since retirement on Citius Mag

Knowledge Bomb

 Sean Donnelly‘s latest vlog on warming up is the first episode in the series Sean Don’s Knowledge Bombs


 Riley Masters proposed to Sara Sutherland over the weekend. This makes for one seriously speedy couple! Our sport needs a fast-couples road mile showdown…who would be on your entry list? Comment below to let us know, or tweet us @athletebizusa

The greatest

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 Margaret Connelly‘s birthday is January 25. Wish her the best of days @MM_Connelly

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