BizBuzz: Brave Like Gabe 5K a Hit, Sean’s Huge Throw, and Kendra & Maria’s Ode to Legs

Photos: Gabriele Grunewald (@gigrunewald on IG) | Sean Donnelly (@sdthrows on IG) | Maria Michta-Coffey (@michtacoffey on IG)

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 Gabriele Grunewald‘s Brave Like Gabe Foundation hosted their inaugural Brave Like Gabe 5K. The event, which took place in St. Paul, MN, was part of their 1224 Campaign, with a goal of raising $50,000 to fund a research grant at the Adenoid Cystic Carcinoma Research Foundation through registrations for both this live event and a Virtual 5K. In a post on Instagram, Gabe said, “I’ve always been amazed by the support from those around me (near & far), but I never knew exactly how incredibly powerful it would feel to be a part of a movement that is so much bigger than my personal story.” Those participating in the Virtual 5K have until June 3, National Cancer Survivor’s Day, to complete their run, at which point Brave Like Gabe will announce the total dollar amount going toward their research grant. You can make a donation to Brave Like Gabe here.

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 Nick Symmonds announced that his next journey will be to the top of Mt. Everest. Stating that the next three years of his life will be devoted to this goal in the post How To Find Courage in the Midst of Fear on the Run Gum blog, Symmonds said, “Climbing Mount Everest will be one of the most challenging goals I’ve ever set for myself and now I am accountable to each and every one of you following my journey towards the summit.” For more on this feat, which is succinctly summed up with the tagline, “4,638 humans have climbed Mt. Everest. 1,497 humans have broken 4 minutes in the Mile. No human has ever done both,” check out

 Casimir Loxsom connected with RunBlogRun to discuss the differences between success in the 600 and 800, the future of USA middle distance running, and his own future in the sport. “My primary goal this year is more than just being a top 800 meter runner; it is about trying to find all the things I love about the sport and get that fire lit again.” Read the full feature Casmir Loxsom: Searching for his Niche: Despite U.S. Best 600 meters, Middle Distance Star Still Seeks Stability

 Kara Winger discusses her next steps as she makes changes in preparation for the Tokyo Games. Under the tutelage of new coach Dana Lyon, who is an assistant coach for the Air Force track and field team, and previously a two-time NCAA javelin champion and USATF Outdoor champion, Kara says, “Just blowing the whole thing wide open and trying something totally new, it was perfect timing for both Dana and I to do that together. That’s what I’m hoping to apply to the next Olympics.” Read the full article Former Purdue javelin All-American Kara Winger Patterson eyes 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games

 Kendra Chambers and Maria Michta-Coffey shared their Ode to Legs. As part of Oiselle’s greater series under the same name, they asked for fans and athletes alike to share this week under the #OdeToLegs tag, “six words, six sentences or lines – it’s up to you!” Click here to check out the latest posts with the tag on Twitter, and read Kendra and Maria’s posts below:

Ode to legs Part I: Muscles Day after day I chisled you You bore the load Mile after mile Rep after rep All along strengthening and sculpting you, defining you in ways that erased weakness and defined sleek sinewy fibers. Fibers that fired on command As myosin heads cocked and loaded pulled forward on actin Charged with energy reloaded with ATP releasing ready to fire again Ahh that energy rich ATP molecule Made possible by the electron greedy electronegative oxygen deposited to my cells from iron rich hemoglobin molecules that coursed through my blood. Day after day, mile after mile, rep after rep. In the heat and in the rain you carried me and with each action potential brought me one step closer to IT. Because after it all, all the work put in to sculpt and define you, you were there behind the scenes yet right there for all to see slowly sculpting, strengthening and defining me! . . #odetolegs #strengthisbeauty #molecularmachinery #racewalk #anatomyandphysiology

A post shared by Maria Coffey (@michtacoffey) on

 Mario Mendoza has had a heck of a six months. Last week, he finished 6th at the Trail World Championships, leading USA men’s team to a 4th place finish, and in five weeks he will be vying for a top finish at the Western States 100, but this all comes after already racking up some serious miles and medals in the last half year. He tallied first place finishes at the Moab Marathon Trail Championships and Bandera 100k Trail Championships, in addition to third place finish at the Lake Sonoma 50 miler. If you are looking for Mario, just check the podium.

A post shared by Mario Mendoza (@mendozarunner) on


 Jasmin Stowers and Kori Carter went 1-2 in the 100mH at the Jamaica Invitational, finishing in 12.83 and 12.87 respectively. After winning the World title last year in the 400mH, Kori is making good on her quest to also being one of the world’s top 100 hurdlers

 Speaking of impressing in different events, Charlene Lipsey continues to improve in the 1500, running a PB of 4:04.98 at the adidas Boost Games in Boston

 Sean Donnelly let a huge throw out in Tucson. In a post on Instagram, he said, “I did a thing today! 76.96 for a new PR at the [Tucson Elite Classic]. World #8 and US #1. Been waiting a long time for this breakthrough, I almost can’t believe it’s real.”

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 Des Linden sparkled as part of the presenting duo for Top Female Artist at the Billboard Music Awards, along with snowboarder Chloe Kim. Watch their presentation, via @BBMAs on Twitter

 Reid Buchanan helps us keep things in perspective

 The Gregg siblings, Kaitlin (now Goodman) and Brendan, each secured 4th place finishes at Bay to Breakers, after which, Kaitlin said on Twitter, “A strong headwind and Hayes Street Hill (more like a mountain!) made for a challenging run, but happy to grind out a decent 12k today!”

Reasons to Celebrate

 Christo Landry surprised Jenni Neville with a proposal following her finish at the Colfax Half Marathon. An article on The Denver Post stated, “He hid behind a tree Sunday while watching for her when she was on the last mile of her race, and after he spotted her, he jogged a shortcut to the finish line. When she got there, he was waiting with a special banner for her to run through that said, Jenny will you marry me?” Of course she said yes.”

Christo and Jenni following the finish line proposal | Photo: Helen H. Richardson, The Denver Post

 Emily Grove‘s birthday is May 22. Give her a virtual high-five @emilyygrove

 Tim VanLiew‘s birthday is May 25. Send him your best @T_VanLiew

 Thomas Awad‘s birthday is May 27. Send him positive vibes @AWAD_of_TOM

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