BizBuzz: USA Wins World Cup, Gwen’s Hammer Training, and Nick’s Core Routine

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 The USA takes home the World Cup. After two days of grinding out podium finishes, including 11 wins, at London Stadium, Team USA finished with 219 points, well ahead of a second-place Poland (162 points), and bronze finisher Great Britain (155 points). France, who did pretty well in that other World Cup, finished in 5th, one place behind Jamaica. For full team and individual results, click here.

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 The USOC has named Sarah Hirshland as CEO. Hirshland, formerly of the US Golf Association and Wasserman Media, to succeed Scott Blackmon as head of the United States Olympic Committee. From an article on NPR, U.S. Olympic Committee Hires Sarah Hirshland As Its New CEO, Chairman Larry Probst said, “The USOC is at a critical time in its history and requires an energetic, creative and inspiring leader who is capable of building on past success while making sure that the athletes we serve are protected, supported and empowered in every possible way.” Hirshland is also quoted in the article, stating, “Olympic and Paralympic sport in the United States must be a shining example, able to provide athletes with the benefits of participation in an environment free from abuse of any kind. The USOC has made great strides in this area and I look forward to carrying on that critically important work.”

 Gwen Berry gave a look into the training she relies on to be a top hammer contender. “Her 180-minute hammer throwing sessions include a 30-minute warm-up (think jogging and stretching), an hour of drills, which focus primarily on precision (‘It’s not about throwing too far or too fast, but about walking and turning with the ball to feel the connection with it,’ says Berry), and 90 minutes of throw practice, where Berry uses hammers of varying weights and sizes—some smaller than the competition weight, and some larger—to practice her throws.” Read the full feature Olympic Hammer Thrower Gwen Berry Shares Her Intense Training Regimen on Self Magazine

 The Women’s Sports Foundation reaches out to petition against recent IAAF regulation regarding female athletes with naturally elevated testosterone. In an open letter, they state, “As leaders in our athletic community, we believe that sport changes the world when it welcomes and empowers all people. What is at stake here is far more than the right to participate in a sport. Women’s bodies, their wellbeing, their ability to earn a livelihood, their very identity, their privacy and sense of safety and belonging in the world, are at imminent risk.” Read the full letter Global Sports Community Joins WSF and Athlete Ally in Calling on IAAF to Rescind Discriminatory Policy on Women’s Sports Foundation

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Fitness Corner

 Nick Symmonds shared a Functional Core Routine for runners. “Your core is what connects all the pieces to allow you to be a tall and strong runner. From giving you power during sprints to great posture during your easy runs. It all starts with your CORE.” Check out the full workout rundown and video, “Best ab workout for runners” on the Run Gum blog

Joseph Gray

 Joseph teases at a tough week ahead and a possible attempt at an FKT, which translates to Fastest Known Time.

If this is new terminology for you, per an article on Outside Online, “FKTs enable runners to tackle routes in which races will never take place. Permits will likely never be issued for races in wilderness areas or National Parks, such as the Grand Canyon’s Rim to Rim to Rim trail, or Mount Rainier’s Wonderland Trail. With speed efforts, runners can pick their run day based on personal health, fitness, weather, or convenience, and not have to worry about a designated race day.”

On the site, you can checkout 750+ routes from all over the world with times and results from 1000+ athletes.


 Traci Falbo chronicled a full report from her race at the Western States 100. “At the finish line, I was overcome with emotion. I honestly didn’t think I would finish at the the River. I had tears welling up in my eyes from the joy/relief/happiness of getting it done.” Read her full report Surround Yourself With Good People & The Power of a Pancake! on

 Gina Slaby ran to a new course record at the Catoctin 50k

 Breanna Sieracki and Team USA Minnesota put together some solid road miles. Also, how about those ? team kits?

 Alex Young and Sean Donnelly go 1-2 in the hammer at the Leiria International Throwing Meeting in Portugal

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