BizBuzz: American Milers Break 500, The Weekend Rundown, & a Petition to Reinstate Drs. Smith and Carlos

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News & Notes

 Gabe Grunewald and Carrie Tollefson got together for a run in the latest episode of C Tolle Run. “Gabe gives listeners an update on her cancer treatment and future racing goals. She also talks about coaching HGTV Fixer Upper’s Chip Gaines in his first marathon and her upcoming Brave Like Gabe 5k race.” Listen to the full episode, Gabriele Grunewald: Big Dreams, on C Tolle Run

 A petition has been started by on to reinstate Dr. Tommie Smith and Dr. John Carlos, referencing the USOC and IOC. The petition by the Community Action Committee of the New York City Police Council of Retired Guardians states, “It has been some 49 years since Dr. Tommie Smith & Dr. John Carlos protested conditions in this country at the 1968 Olympics in Mexico City. In the aftermath of their protest, they were kicked out of the Olympic Village and not allowed to participate in any further competition(s) at those games. They were also banned ‘for life’ from any affiliation(s) with the International Olympic Committee and to the best of my knowledge, The U.S. Olympic Committee as well.” An update titled, Half Way There has been posted to the petition, stating, “I am PLEASED to inform you that Drs. Tommie Smith & John Carlos have been reinstated into the U.S. Olympic Community. Please, continue with your support and let’s get them back into the Int’l Olympic Community as well.” Read the petition and consider supporting, Restore These Athletes, on

 Emmanuel Bor is the 500th American to run sub-4 in the mile. On a day that say 7 first-time sub-4 miles, this is a pretty awesome mark for US miling. With congrats to Cooper Teare, Kyle Mau, Jon Davis, Shadrack Kipchirchir, and David Ribich for also achieving the feat. See the full chronological listing on Track & Field News.

Brandon Hudgins gave it a little perspective, “PSA – Clubs with less than 500 members: # of people to climb Mt. Everest, # of billionaires in the world.”

Weekend Recap

A quick rundown of the highlights from this weekend

At the Dr. Sander Invite:

Photo via @joshcox / Twitter

Photo via @rachschneid18 / Instagram Photo via @___dscott / Instragram

 Queen Harrison was on a different plane of existence at the Texas Tech Invite

 Matt Llano finished 4th in the 5k at the UW Invite, crossing the line with a PR of 13:59

 Esther Atkins finished the Osaka Women’s Marathon in 12th with a time of 2:36:57. Stating on Facebook, “The marathon is always humbling, but with dead even 1:18:28, 1:18:29 splits, at least I come away with the knowledge that if nothing else, I’m still very in tune with my current ability on any day, under any circumstances. Oh yeah, that and the A Standard for my THIRD Olympic Trials!” Read Esther’s post leading into the race, Seeing the Trees for the Forest

Reasons to Celebrate

 Neely Gracey announced her next marathon: “26.2 more weeks of pregnancy

 Joe Kovacs can fly! After recording his first solo flight, Joe shared some wisdom, “I’m learning more and more that the longer you wait to do something, the less chance it will actually happen.

Upcoming Birthdays

 Keshia Baker-Kirtz – January 30; send her good vibes @Keshia_Baker

Kaitlin Goodman – January 31; wish her joyful running @runnerKG

Ryan Hill – January 31; give him a virtual high five @RyanHillNCState

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