Birmingham Diamond League Personal Best!

Hello all!

So sorry for the delay in updates, life outside track and field has been pretty hectic. Since moving home to Grand Rapids, MI the support I have been receiving has been AMAZING! All of the well wishes, Facebook posts, and prayers have been greatly appreciated! I’m currently at the airport in Birmingham, England and have gotten the chance to take a moment to reflect on the past couple months.

Through the years I have learned so much as both a person and an athlete but more importantly, I have grown as both. My first international meet of this trip- Rome Diamond League did not go as planned, I didn’t account for the effect travel would have on my body, and didn’t prepare the way I should have. Instead of allowing that to overshadow everything else I have been accomplishing and overcoming, I used that meet as motivation to do better in Birmingham, coming out of the meet with a win and personal best of 19.73M! Balancing life back in Michigan and family while training has been difficult, but I am learning to manage mental energy which had proven to help me during competition. In no way am I satisfied, I am excited to get back to work once I’m back stateside.

Your continued support has played a crucial role in my success, and I am truly becoming a better athlete because of it. With almost ONE MONTH until the Olympic Trials in Eugene, let’s see how close we can get to the goal!! Thank you again for your support! It means more than you know.

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