Beyond the Brace: 2017 Safaricom Half-Marathon

from Sarah Runs the City

After spending six LONG weeks, 24/7 in a non-weight bearing brace, I am finally free! Today I got the green light to ditch the brace and transition to crutch-assisted walking. Now the hard part really begins! I start physical therapy three times a week at the HSS Sports Rehabilitation and Performance Center on Monday. A gradual return to running will follow at four months post-op.

Before wrapping my head around the rehab timeline, my first order of business was to strap the brace on the nearest family member and laugh and take pictures as they struggled. Clearly my entertainment threshold has dropped in the last couple of months!   Next up: enjoying little novelties like sleeping comfortably/at all, putting on my own clothes and shoes (!!) and sitting.

For the first two and a half weeks post-surgery, I was at my apartment with Mom, Dad and/or Sister alternating live-in aide duties.  This helped me retain some delusion of independence! When it was time to get back to work, the logistics of the situation forced my hand.  I moved in with my parents and was there for three weeks.  My stay was nothing short of amazing and I am SO lucky they were willing and able to drop everything to care for me, but I am so excited to finally be HOME!

So what is the title of this post about?! On the advice of Michelle Meyer, fellow elite runner and hamstring surgery buddy, for whose support and guidance I am eternally grateful, I decided to set a goal so there would be “light at the end of the proverbial injury tunnel.” Just prior to my surgery, I was asked to be a part of Team BlackRock for the Tusk Foundation’s 18th annual Safaricom Marathon & Half-Marathon at the Lewa Wildlife Conservancy in Isiolo, Kenya.  My answer: YES! I don’t know what kind of running form I will be in when I arrive at the starting line on June 24th in Kenya, but I will be there running for a reason: to raise money for the Tusk Foundation and I ask for your support in doing so.

Across Africa 100 elephants are killed every day. Illegal poaching claims the life of one rhino every 10 hours. At this rate, these iconic species will be gone from the wild within your lifetime. Tusk’s annual fundraising marathon and half-marathon is a source of critical funds for conservation, community development and education programs that are providing hope for the future of Africa’s wildlife. The impact of the event has been huge and the benefits are very tangible. Since its inception the event has raised over $4.2 million for projects across Kenya. Tusk and Lewa have always shared a common goal to use wildlife conservation as a catalyst to alleviate poverty, reduce conflict, and improve education and livelihoods in rural areas rich in biodiversity.

My fundraising goal is $5,000. Help me reach it by donating here! Every dollar counts and is greatly appreciated.

Stay tuned here for more updates on my post-surgery journey (to Kenya!). Thanks for the support! xoxo Sarah

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