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Between my running, my job, and my wanderlust, I’m a frequent traveler. Subsequently, I often find myself running in new places and exploring new routes – which is sometimes awesome (I found a sweet trail, yay!), other times disastrous (this neighborhood is sketchy… strike!).

To avoid those ruinous runs when I’m on the road, I typically rely on a few resources to guide me to good routes:

  1. Local tips (give the local running store a call for recommendations on safe places to run)
  2. Localeikki (crowd-sourced routes from fellow active folks)
  3. Strava’s Route Planner and heatmap activity (Strava aggregates the most popular running and biking routes and highlights them in red)

Providence’s heatmap on Strava

I used Strava’s heatmaps to plan runs while on vacation in Puerto Rico, to map out a tempo loop while traveling for a wedding in New Hampshire, and to compare my Kilimanjaro trek to others’ via aggregated GPS activity. I definitely geek out here quite a bit!

Technology is great to help you plan safe, scenic runs while you’re traveling, but there’s something to be said for personal recommendations. I also frequently scour runner blogs to find people’s rave runs. So without further ado, I’m happy to introduce a new blog series on Running Joyfully — “Best Places to Run.” Stay tuned for running recs that I’ve picked up during my many travels.

If you have trail tips you want to share or a favorite route you’d like to plug, drop me a line in the comments or at runjoyfully [@] gmail [dot] com!

Happy adventuring!

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