Being a Mom

from Joanna Hayes on Facebook

Happy Mother’s Day to all the women out there who know what’s it’s like to hide out in the bathroom to get anything done (i.e. This fb post), to fight and hold their daughters down only to finish off with a crooked ponytail that you just leave like that because now you’re sweating and can’t understand why it has to be this hard. Who wash walls, scrub toilets, step on toys (that hurt like nobody’s business), scrub and flip mattresses only to realize that pee is stronger than every chemical, explain over and over and over the most simple things and still have an outcome of “what do you mean?”, slip up and say something you shouldn’t and immediately hear it repeated back to you and all you can do is pray that they don’t repeat it at school because you don’t want to be THAT mom.

For those who often wonder what you did wrong to your mom growing up to deserve “all of this!” And in that same thought wonder what you did right to deserve “all of this!”.

For those of us who worry about our kids even when we know for sure that they are safe. Who hug our children so tight that we are afraid we are going to hurt them, to almost stop breathing because you had a thought of something bad happening to them, who would sacrifice anything, give every dime, every possession, and even your life if it meant they would be safe and happy. To all of you who cannot remember the meaning of your life before them and cannot imagine what your life would be without them. They make us crazy but, keep us sane. They make us mad but are our every happiness. They keep us on our toes and for them we stand proud. They don’t understand us half the time but, make us smarter by teaching them. They are the sun and the moon, they are our reason for breathing, they may never know until they have children of their own, or become mature adults how or why they are EVERYTHING and everything we do is for THEM! For me that will be very, very long time so in the meantime I will continue to you hug them like there’s no tomorrow, and teach them like I actually know what I’m talking about, and punish them now so the police won’t have to later. Will they understand? Absolutely not! But, I will wait because they are worth it! I don’t need a “thank you” now I just need to know that the love and dedication paid off. So, I pray that in 20+ years, my girls will say “Mom, we get it.” Until then, I’ll be hiding in the bathroom….HAPPY MOTHER’S Day!!


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