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Inspired by Katie Mackey’s tweet following her win at the Grand Blue Mile, we asked the athletes on AthleteBiz:

What is something on your competition or athletic bucket list?

Here are some feats to look forward to from your favorite athletes!

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Amy Cole

I love long runs, especially in my home state of Arizona. I recently had the pleasure of running in the Grand Canyon, which left me yearning for more miles on it’s trails. The experience inspired me to add a new item to my athletic bucket list – a Rim to Rim to Rim run. I am looking forward to crossing this one off the list within the next few years!


Tyler Andrews

In addition to the usual running goals like running PRs and making teams, I have some big mountaineering goals on my bucket list. The Andes have always been special to me and I love combining my passion for pushing my body to its limits with being out in nature in a really powerful setting. I hope to be able to continue to get up high on mountains for many years to come.


Greg Ahlswede

A bucket list goal I have is to be on team that finishes in the top 10 at Jukola.

Jukola is the world’s largest orienteering relay with seven legs varying in distance from 7 to 15 kilometers. The relay is held in a different location in Finland every year in mid-June. In 2016, there were nearly 1800 teams running.

Brandon Hudgins

​I think Olympic Teams and Olympic Gold is at the top of everyone’s bucket list haha. So to get to those you have to check off a few other boxes. One of my other goals is to become the fastest native South Carolinian over 1500m/Mile. Currently in front of me are Terrance Herrington (Former USA Champ and ’92 Olympian at 1500m 3:35.77 & 3:53.64) and Matthew Elliott (3:36.)

Kendra Chambers

I would like to race a competitive 1500 meters or mile one day!

Why is this on the bucket list? I have no clue! But its something I’ve always wanted to do since I come the 400 meter/800 meter background, it would be nice to put down a fast mile! Maybe one day!!


Heather Wilson

There are a few races I have on my bucket list – not only for their quality of competition, but also for their location. I love racing in a new setting, and I tend to race better when I am enthralled by the local culture, cuisine and landmarks rather than fixating on my race. Holding to that logic I would love to compete at:

  1. Lausanne Diamond League Meet
  2. Monaco Diamond League Meet
  3. Maui Mile
  4. World Championship or Olympic Games

Amanda Eccleston

My bucket list goal is to qualify for Team USA, whether it’s a World Championship or Olympics!

Neely Gracey

My bucket list race for 2017 is one with my furry training partner, Strider the Vizsla! Strider helps me get through my cool downs after long workouts, or gets my butt out the door on double runs. She just got a new collar that matches my racing kit! (You might remember her from our Runner’s World Cover. I wasn’t supposed to be the cover that month, but thanks to Strider, the editors decided this pic was too good to pass up!)

NeelyGraceyRW NeelyGraceyStrider

Michael Mannozzi

My bucket list is to:

  1. Walk the Olympic Standard in the 50k
  2. Medal at an international event as part of a team
  3. Train with a group domestically or abroad


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    I loved this. Way Back When, my bucket list was to get over to Europe to a big meet. Never got there athletically. But this summer I will go to the Diamond League meet at Paris.

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