AthleteBiz Partners with Kurbo Health

It’s no secret that it is challenging for our sport’s top athletes to find high quality part-time job opportunities with flexible work schedules and good pay.

We are pleased to announce an AthleteBiz partnership with Kurbo Health that will connect first class Olympic-caliber Track & Field athletes directly to children and teens who seek healthier eating and exercise habits. AthleteBiz is excited for the opportunity to work directly with an organization whose focus is aligned to our own, which is to promote a healthy lifestyle through meaningful engagement with health and wellness role models.

On the program at Kurbo, Katie Mackey of the Brooks Beasts said, “Kurbo is an amazing program: the red light/yellow light/green light food classification system and tracking exercise helps kids to be aware about the choices they are making everyday and teaches them how to make healthy ones. Knowledge is power! I’m so excited that AthleteBiz was able to connect us, and I look forward to encouraging and mentoring kids in their journey towards a more healthy lifestyle.”

Kurbo Health’s revolutionary platform combines the power of individual coaching with an easy-to-use, mobile app. The goal is to help children and families exercise more, develop smarter eating habits and lose weight.

Athletes from AthleteBiz who are the first to be hired by Kurbo Health as Health Coaches are:

The full press release is available on PR News Wire

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