A little this, a little that

This fall season has flown by rather quickly. Unlike other fall training seasons, I am taking training a bit slower in order to help keep my mind sharp and my body healthy. I have only been training a fairly light amount as opposed to the last few years. I plan to increase volume and load in the coming winter months in hopes to prepare myself for what will could be a long and eventful summer. So far, I have had minimal gains in performance, but moderate gains in technique. Honestly, I feel as if I am already in the same form that I found myself in this past April. It was in April that I broke 70m and began to gain confidence in my performance. If this is the case, then I should have a tremendous year.

As for life, I have been keeping very busy being a husband, father, coach, and leader. Everyday is an adventure with two outgoing, all-American boys. They keep me on my toes constantly. I joke about not doing any form of cardio in my training, but I am not sure if I need it with these two in my life. To make it more interesting, my wife and I are expecting our first daughter this Christmas. If she is anything like her brothers, I will definitely be edge all the time.

With the crazy, awesome home life, I still find time to coach people on attaining their personal goals. It’s always rewarding to see people making themselves better and become their true potential. Also, I have taken on the role as a leader in my church as I lead the college and young adult ministry. This is a new ministry within my church that is long needed. We focus on the 18-25 year olds who struggle to find their place in the church and helped them to grow spiritually and get plugged into the church. It has been a blessing to me as I have been able to grow along with them and witness to their transformation.

I guess this is what people call “adulting”. I just call it “living life”. Either way, it’s always something different everyday and I thank God for the opportunities that are placed in front of me.

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