A Guide to the USA Championships

TrackTown photo courtesy of Kevin Morris Photographer

“It’s all I’m working towards: to wear USA across my chest.”

– Mary Saxer

Step 1: Qualify to be in the meet

It is no small feat to qualify to be included in the elite field of athletes that will compete this weekend in Eugene at the USA Championships. Some very talented people just missed the cut. Congratulations to 73 AthleteBiz athletes who delivered qualifying performances AND navigated injury risks!


Step 2: Become part of the World Championship team

Many of the 73 AthleteBiz athletes are headed to Eugene determined to finish in the top 3 and stamp their ticket to compete in Beijing for Team USA. It is a TOUGH team to make!


Here’s your guide to the action:

Thursday, June 25 – Streaming on USATF.TV: 1pm ET to 6pm ET



Friday, June 26 – Streaming on USATF.TV:  12:15pm ET to 10pm ET; NBC Sports Network: 10pm ET to midnight



Saturday, June 27 – Streaming on USATF.TV:  1:15pm ET to 3:30pm ET, 6pm ET to 9:30pm ET; NBC: 4pm ET to 6pm ET




Sunday, June 28 – Streaming on USATF.TV: 10am ET (Race Walk), 1:45pm ET to 3pm ET, Universal Sports: 3pm ET to 4pm; NBC: 4pm ET to 6pm


Best of luck to 73 competing AthleteBiz athletes!

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