A Few of Our Favorite Things: Around the House

The holidays are here and you may be looking for those last minute gift items to make someone’s special day that much better. We asked the pros to share their favorite things around the house. Find some new gadgets and comforts for yourself, or for someone you know will love these offerings from Sun Zero, Tuff Mutt, Hydro Flask, and Instant Pot, with guidance from some of the USA’s top athletes. Check out their recommendations below!

Heather Wilson: Sun Zero Baxter Theater Grade 100% Blackout Grommet Curtain Panel

My biggest crime lately has been resisting a-rest. I wish I was a better napper, but I have trouble sleeping in the middle of the day. I am the type of sleeper who can only rest like our cave dwelling ancestors – extreme dark/no sunlight. A month or so ago I made the best purchase a modern cave woman could. I finally invested in some quality black out curtains: the Sun Zero Baxter Theater Grade 100% Blackout Grommet Curtain Panel. Adequate sleep is essential to recovery, so whether you need a mid-day nap or that extra hour or so in the morning, these curtains will help you obstruct that pesky daylight (not justice).

Heather Kampf: Hydro Flask Travel Mug

I’m not a coffee drinker (I know, a sin against all run-kind!), but I do drink tea like every day in the winter. My favorite is Good Earth Sweet and Spicy because it tastes like liquid Christmas (cinnamon and spice!)…that’s just a bonus suggestion, SO GOOD. I love my Hydro Flask because I tend to sip on my tea throughout the whole day and it stays hot and doesn’t spill all over the place.

Carolina Moll: Hydro Flask 40oz Water Bottle

I am obsessed with my 40oz hydro flask! I drink a lot of water, so these water bottles are amazing! During those hot practices and hot competitions, this keeps my water ice cold which I love! There’s lots of different sizes, so they’re great for keeping coffee hot, or getting a big size like I have to keep my water ice cold all day long!

Hannah Fields: Instant Pot

It’s not that I don’t like to cook… I just don’t like spending a ton of time doing it (okay I don’t really like to cook)!  The Instant Pot allows me to make meals in minutes that would otherwise take hours. You get the best of both worlds: nutritious meals while saving time and energy!

Kaitlin Goodman: Tuff Mutt Running Leash

I’m a new pet owner – this fall my husband and I adopted Moose, a chocolate lab/German short-haired pointer rescue from Georgia. He’s an energetic yet snuggly pup who loves adventuring outdoors. I got Moose this hands-free leash that attaches to his collar and around my waist. We’ve done some easy walk/jogs to test out this running leash (it has worked great so far) and I can’t wait for him to accompany me on runs for many years to come (once I’m back running again and he’s old enough to run with me).

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