A Few of Our Favorite Things: Apparel, Nutrition, & Recovery

The holidays are here and you may be looking for those last minute gift items to make someone’s special day that much better. We asked the pros to share their favorite apparel, nutrition, and recovery items. Find some new gear and fuel for yourself, or for someone you know will love these offerings from adidas, Brooks, Nuun, Garden of Life, Cocoa Elite, and Powerdot, with guidance from some of the USA’s top runners. Check out their recommendations below!

Kaitlin Goodman: adidas Supernova Tank

Since I’ve been injured, I’ve spent many hours inside the gym on the bike and getting strong working with my physical therapist. Whether I’m training at the gym or rehabbing at physical therapy, this lightweight, breathable tank has been my go-to indoors. I’m sure it will be a summer staple as well once warmer weather arrives!

Shop the adidas Supernova Tank at Running Warehouse

Garrett Heath: Brooks Notch Thermal Hoodie and Crew Sweatshirt

These are my daily go to tops for both wearing around casually as well as throwing on to warm up for a run on a cold day. I love the material and fit on them. They’re light enough to breath and wick away sweet while still keeping you warm. And the tapered sleeves keep the fit a bit more athletic than most sweaters.

Shop the Brooks Notch Thermal Hoodie at Running Warehouse

Allie and Michaela Hackett: Nuun Hydration Tablets

We love these dissolvable tablets because they keep you hydrated by replenishing electrolytes lost through sweat. Even when you don’t feel like drinking water, nuun makes plain water taste delicious! I have one almost everyday after my run or at anytime in the day to get in some extra hydration and recovery. Plus, they’re great stocking stuffers and come in pretty-colored tubes!

Shop nuun Hydration at Running Warehouse

Hannah Fields: Garden of Life

Living in Seattle, the sun likes to hide a lot. For that reason, I have to be especially diligent in making sure I get enough Vitamin D.  Vitamin D is a crucial component of health and athletic performance. It plays a role in bone health, immune function, and mood!  I use the Garden of Life Vitamin D because it’s made from whole food and contains probiotics to help aid in the absorption.

Heather Wilson: Cocoa Elite Complete Body Vegan Cocoa Peanut Protein

Take this a quiz…

1. Do you want to improve your recovery post workout?

2. Do you like products with all natural ingredients?

3. Do you like chocolate?

Here’s a hint, the answers to all of the above start with Y and end in ES. My favorite every day recovery nutrition is Cocoa Elite’s Complete Body Vegan Cocoa Peanut Protein.  Basically imagine your favorite PB and chocolate combo with 400 MG of Cocoa flavanols, no additives or preservatives, only natural ingredients, and that perfect rich PB cocoa taste. I like to add it to my oatmeal in the morning for some extra protein, or add it to milk (or a milk alternative) post workout to help me jump start my recovery. Get a sweet deal by using the code: HeatherW-1609 to get 10% off any product at cocoaelite.com.

Shop Cocoa Elite Protein at Cocoa Elite

Mary Cain: Powerdot

This has become a key part of my recovery regiment. The portability of this E-stim device is key- I can wear it while in class and no one will notice!

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