Working Out Together

Working Out Together

By Je’von Hutchison

A good work out doesn’t require much more than comfortable clothes that allow you to move freely, a decent pair of sneakers, and the courage to take that first step. Some reasons people struggle are that they say “I don’t have enough time,” others struggle finding the motivation to continue, while some feel they don’t have all they need to be successful.

Sydney and I decided to do a variety of exercises on a grass field to show being fit requires little to no equipment, no money is needed for a gym membership, and you can have fun doing it.

Having a partner to exercise with can increase motivation to show up and complete a workout.

When you have a workout partner time goes by a lot faster, you have someone there to push you when it gets hard, and someone to celebrate your successes. This positive reinforcement can even improve the overall quality of your workout.

So call a friend to plan your next workout session together!


…………Try this workout with a friend…………


The Warm Up

3 – 5 min walk/slow jog
4 x 50yard Fast Jog
2 x 20yard high knees
30 Jumping Jacks
10 x Linked Arm Squats
2 x 15 yard Wheelbarrow walk
The Workout
15 x
Partner Push-ups w/ clap
Partner Leg circles
20 sec
Partner Leg Circles
2 x 20 sec
(A)  Mountain Climbers
(B)  Jump Squats (in place or over partner)
Start with (A) or (B) take a 1-min break then switch roles.
10 x
Partner Stand-up Sit-ups
Take turns and stand on partners feet. Do 25 regular sit-ups if you can’t stand
30 sec
Partner Bicycle Abs
2 x
(A)  Push-ups
(B)  2 x Burpees + sprint 15yd down and back
Continue until both people complete 2-rounds of each exercise. Hold Plank position if you are to fatigued to continue push-ups.
15 x
Partner Leg Throws
Standing partner throws legs towards the ground with force. Person lying down uses core to prevent legs from touching the floor and to throw them back towards standing partner.
Rest 2 min between each exercise.
To increase intensity you can add time/repetitions, decrease rest, or do multiple sets of the entire workout. 
Most of the exercises above can be seen in the full youtube video.


Below is a rundown of most of the exercises that can be seen throughout the full Partner Workout video in order.

  • Strides
  • High Knees
  • High Knee Skips
  • Partner Push – Ups w/ clap
  • Partner Leg Circles
  • Partner Squats
  • Linked Arm Squats
  • Partner Leg Throws
  • Mountain Climbers while partner does Jump Squats
  • Pushups while partner does B urpees and sprints
  • Partner Wheelbarrow Walk
  • Partner Hanging Leg Sit – ups
  • Partner Stand – up Sit – ups
  • Side plank with assist
  • Partner Bicycle Abs
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