2015 Resolutions: Follow-up

As 2014 came to a close and a new year was on the horizon, we asked the finest, fittest athletes on the planet what their off-the-track resolutions were for 2015. Now that we are over halfway through the year, it is time to check back in and see how they are coming along!


Amanda Rego

Amanda’s Resolution


So far 2015 has been far from what I had hoped after I was diagnosed with and had surgery for a labral tear. However, my resolution was to become more involved in my community, and I’m happy to say I’ve been able to get involved in many ways. With the help of Athletes for Hope I was able to start and coach a running club at the local Boys & Girls Club and this fall I will be volunteer coaching with the University of Colorado Colorado Springs cross country team. Giving back to the community through coaching has helped distract me from not competing, but more importantly it has been a rewarding experience to watch young kids being active and falling in love with my favorite sport.

2012 USA Track & Field Olympic Team Trials

Bridget Franek

Bridget’s Resolution


I would probably give myself a C on the execution of my New Years Resolution. I still find myself defaulting to being a few minutes late to most occasions. The suspicious thing is that I am always around the same amount of time late though….which makes me think that it is just laziness on my part and something that I will be able to fix when I choose to and make it a big enough priority. I am not giving up! I will make this ‘on-time’ thing a habit before the year is up!


NeelySistersNeely Gracey

Neely’s Resolution


1 – bought a house and moved across the country… So pretty adrenaline filled.


2 – got to see my sisters two weeks ago!


3 – won a decently large race, finished podium at USA 15k champs, ran 3 PRs, but not even drug tested at the event 🙁 #testmeimclean #saynopetodope if I would have continued with track I believe I would have met this goal by qualifying for the pan am games. But I chose to move to the roads because I enjoy that atmosphere and it will set me up for my future goals with the longer races!


Olivia Mickle

Olivia’s Resolution


Fireworks explode over Truckee’s Donner Lake. Children’s squeals and waving glow sticks fill the night air. It’s the Fourth of July. I’m not sure how it can already be July, let alone the heart of summer. The past seven months have been a whirlwind. From starting a new job at Nike to moving to a new city, I have been in adaptation mode.


Perhaps entering the career world has been the biggest change and the biggest “mirror” in terms of my progress toward my 2015 New Year’s resolution. The importance of maintaining positive relationships is paramount in the working world. If you think the running world is small–which it is–the corporate world feels even smaller. People are connected in so many ways. In contrast to the running world where almost everyone shares a passion for the sport, foam rollers, and gear, the corporate world offers a wider range of personalities and values. Embracing the diversity of these ideas allows me to grow both personally and professionally. Rushing to judgement is never a good idea, so I’ve focused on taking the time to evaluate and to consider all input with an open mind. Everyone wants to be heard–to have their opinions respected–and I want to provide that respect.


This approach applies to my running as well. I need to continue to be open to new training, innovative treatment and varying race scenarios. I am, after all, still a newbie to my running career and to my Nike career, so I have plenty to learn as I move forward.


Jordan Scott

Jordan’s Resolution



Kibwè Johnson

Kibwè’s Resolution


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