2015 Birmingham UK Grand Prix

from Throwholics


3rd place (18,67m/ 61′ 3″) Diamond League point #2, and first meet of two complete. This time around I was able to compete alongside THREE fellow Americans and I must say it made the competition feel a little more domestic. England holds a lot of emotion for me, as it was the location of my very first international meet and Team USA appearance- London 2012 Olympics, followed by 2 more appearances- Sainsbury Anniversary Games 2013, and the Birmingham Grand Prix 2014. All of the above mentioned meets I had fallen short in terms of distance, and the ability to compete internationally. Although I had positive energy and more confidence after my performance in the Shanghai Diamond League; there were still those same feelings of disappointment associated with competing in England.


My sleeping pattern didn’t adjust as quickly as it had in China, and my body had been feeling fatigued due to a fairly heavy training load leading up to the travel, which made those nervous feelings amplify pretty quickly. Prior to meet day I had allowed for myself to sleep as much as possible, as feeling rested has become just as important; if not, more important to me as feeling fresh. This time that meant a five hour nap post travel followed by a sixteen hour slumber two nights prior to competition. This gave me the energy to train some the day before the meet.


Going into the meet the goal was not only to improve on my mark in Shanghai, and implement what we have been working on in practice in an international competition, but to more importantly HAVE FUN again. I have put way too much pressure on myself after becoming a professional, and in turn lost sight of why I made the decision to do this in the first place. With those goals in mind, I was able to relax some and accomplish them all. The fun did not stop at the meet as Michelle Carter, Brittany Smith, Felishia Johnson, Gia Lewis- Smallwood, and myself were able to experience an English Cinema and the movie Spy; putting a very good end to a pretty successful meet.

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