1 Month to Go

from Running Joyfully

As May wraps up, the speed at which the Olympic Trials are approaching weighs on my mind daily. What was once a years-away, far-off dream is now rapidly approaching, like a basketball shot clock ticking down, closer and closer to the final buzzer. Time is running out, so you better get that shot off – which for me means nail that workout, recover like it’s your job (it is), fine tune your body and your mind, make no mistakes in these final moments.

With the clock ticking down, there are of course some nerves — stress manifesting itself as creeping doubts or bothersome niggles. But instead of letting that consume me, I’m trying to focus on enjoying the moment. A friend said to me last night, “Wow, what a cool life you’re living these days!” And she’s absolutely right – this is a pretty special time, a fun time, challenging of course but mostly joyful. So if I find myself anxious about a workout, I take a deep breath. And another. In to a count of four, out to a count of eight. Center myself, and come back to the here and now. This journey. This day. This moment. And I take a step forward, one at a time, running toward the Trials on July 2.

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